The Rise of the Toxic Feminist

They are at Antifa rallies with their racist and white-male bashing signs wearing black military boots and camouflage pants.  They are holding signs that say “F…” Trump while wearing grotesque pink hats that symbolize a female reproductive organ.  They belittle conservative women who are self-made and successful for being sellouts (to what I don’t know) but unless you are a Hillary or Obama voter in their eyes you are not a true feminist.

These women are the inheritors of the modern feminist movement that came out of the 1920 Temperance Movement that gave us Prohibition and evolved into the 1960’s Woodstock generation of promiscuity “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” was their religion.  Roe v Wade gave feminists the mantra that their body is their own and they can abort/murder a baby (and not call it a baby) whenever they want.  I believe that when a woman gets pregnant she does not then fully “own her body” but is sharing it with another life at conception and has an obligation to deliver that life and then can put the baby up for adoption if she and the father decide to but never to murder it.  If there is not another person inside them then why is it a double homicide under our law if a woman is killed while pregnant?

Well, I declare here and now we are witnessing the “the Rise of the Toxic Feminist”. A generation of females whether they know it or not are aiding and abetting the destruction of the very fabric of classical western civilization.  These toxic feminists are products of the leftist public-school system, Hollywood, media and the globalist, regressive utopian movement that creates a false reality in their mind and then goes about living that reality even though most of the time it is completely contrary to human nature real-world dynamics.

Do these modern feminists really believe that women can do everything a man can do?  That would be just as silly as believing a man can do everything a woman can do correct?  Yet believe it they do, and it has changed our country and not always for the good I might add.

There has never been a country or an empire in the history of the world that a majority of its women have built and / or defended their borders; it always has and always will come down to the man as the main builder and protector of civilization and it will always be so no matter if these feminists want it to be or not.  It is just the natural order of the world. Some will argue that women do fight in our wars and there are women engineers and scientist who help build and protect society.  I do agree but if put into a percent I would say it has historically been 98-99% man and in the future will probably be approximately 94-95% man at the very least.

There are major differences in the physical structure and chemistry of each gender but these feminists want to up end nature and for boys to become girls and girls to become boys and create a genderless society.  This would be a terrible mistake and perhaps a fatal one.

This does not mean that women are not an integral part of building that society but the fact that women have 16 times less testosterone than man is the major factor here.  Testosterone is the chemical that makes men more sexually and physically aggressive than a woman.  It makes most men want to win or die trying at any cost where you do not see this type of aggression in most women. Nature has thus dictated that men be the protector of the tribe.  These modern feminists may not want to hear it, but they need men in the tribe to protect them from other men who want to kidnap, rape and / or murder them so they can take what they want.  This is not me being a male chauvinist this is me being a realist.

This is a vivid test and very graphic, but I want to drive this point home. Think of it this way.  If there was a random sampling of one thousand men pitted in an arena against one thousand random women with no weapons available or allowed and the rules are they had to fight and not leave the arena until one gender or the other was completely wiped out.  How would it end?  I know the answer, but I will not reveal it here.

There is a natural balance between a man and a woman and that is why humans have been so successful the past 1000 years.  In the year 1000 AD, there was an estimated 250 million people in the world and by 2020 we are looking at 7.6 billion. That is staggering.  Also, we have almost doubled our population since the 1970s from 3.7 billion to just about 7 billion today.  Although thanks to the modern feminist who advocate for massive birth control and abortion/murder the population growth world-wide has slowed dramatically.

So many fallacies are pushed by the utopian feminist movement today.  Imagine really believing that because we don’t recycle paper or cans and we drive large SUVs the world is going to come to an end?  1970’s it was global cooling, in the 80s it was acidic rain and the 90s had global warming now it is climate change or “keep the oil in the soil”.  Here is a fact for the feminist – if all electrical power went out today and no other viable energy came available to the masses quickly within 5-10 years 70-80 % of all humans would die.   How is that for in your face reality? These feminists go from one left wing talking point to the other with absolutely no factual basis.

The Left’s messiah Al Gore declared 20 years ago by 2018 that world would be a flaming ball of fire. Well I live in Boston and I am looking out to my back yard and I don’t see any flaming fire-balls, but I do see many snow banks and much ice everywhere.

The toxic feminists are completely hypocritical just like everyone else on the left. They love the soy boy, high estrogen beta male who acts, looks and talks like a woman.  Bruce Jenner anyone? They believe these she-men prove their point that society needs to be genderless.  Then there is the Me-Too movement (which does have some valid points and it is never ok to sexually assault anyone female or male) however, even this movement never acknowledges the massive problem of thousands of female school teachers assaulting under aged male students.  Where is the outrage from feminists out there?  There is none because they are not really feminists.  They are leftist utopians wearing the guise of a true feminist to push the political agenda of Utopianism.

I have been called all the feminist catch words, male chauvinist, genderist, bigot, racist etc. etc. However, I have yet to see any evidence to the contrary of what I preach.  I believe man and woman should live in harmony and each use the other strengths and compliment the each other’s weaknesses to be able to raise a strong family to benefit society for everyone.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to declare these women who Rush Limbaugh calls “feminazis” are unfortunately here to stay and that is not a good thing for our culture or the future of men in general; however, let’s all pray that eventually both men and women come to their senses and we can begin working together as equal partners with the same goal in mind of making the world a better place for our children which after all is the main goal of every species in this world.  That is how the USA become the greatest country in the history of the world and that is how we can begin to regain our culture and bring the left back into the real world.  It looks very bleak, as in the mid-bleak winter but anything is possible.

2 thoughts on “The Rise of the Toxic Feminist

  1. It truly is sad to see them under the same umbrella as those women fighting the oppression in the Middle East, while not even acknowledging them because it goes against their political view of the people from that region. These women are taking the berka off while sarsour is trying to portray it as a strong symbol of femininity. It’s not feminism it’s a political agenda.

  2. Excellent article and I agree with the points made. I have worked all of my adult life and was fortunate to get an education and have not been oppressed because I am a woman. The liberal women marching really have no idea what real oppression is because they have been brought up in this society of entitlement. Oppressed women are living in countries under Sharia law. Oppressed women are being sold in sex trafficking in other countries. Oppressed women are not allowed to give birth because the population has to be controlled. Oppressed women are forced into marriage with total strangers because it is acceptable in other cultures. Oppressed women cannot get an education because it’s not allowed in many cultures…..I could go on… Those marching with their pink hats ought to do something worthwhile and aid women who really are oppressed instead of embarassing the rest of the American female population.

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