Do Not Squander the Gift of Freedom


As I sit here and pen this article on this the 241st birthday of our great nation, it is difficult to believe that we have become so divided as a nation and a people.  If the Utopia Left had its way the United States would be transformed to an entity not even recognized by the men who crafted the Declaration of Independence.

Mark Levin in his groundbreaking book, Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America says:

“Utopianism also attempts to shape and dominate the individual by doing two things at once: it strips the individual of his uniqueness, making him undisguisable from the multitudes that form what is commonly referred to as the “masses” but it simultaneously assigns him a group identity based on race, ethnicity age, gender income etc., to highlight differences within the masses.”  Levin goes on to say that, “Utopianism’s equality is intolerant of diversity, uniqueness, debate etc., for utopianisms purpose requires a singular focus.  There can be no competing voices or causes slowing down or obstructing society’s long and righteous march.  Utopianism relies on deceit, propaganda, dependence, intimidation, and force.”

Levin’s Ameritopia is a far cry from the “real world” envisioned by the founding fathers.  It is easy to forget that our founding fathers bestowed upon us a gift the world had never seen; God given individual rights codified in a Constitution where the common man was treated under the law equal to that of the aristocrat.  However, before the constitution there was the Declaration of Independence which was approved by the congress on July 4th, 1776 and then fully signed about a month later on August 2nd, 1776.

These timeless and transformative words from The Declaration are a beacon of hope not only here in the United States for the past 241 years but used as the basis for most democracies since the American Revolution:

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident: that all Men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness”

The United States not only declared independence from England and King George that day but from would be tyrants domestic or foreign.  It was a declaration of the common everyday man to finally stand up and say we are free and we deserve to be heard.

The Tyrants of today or the Regressive Utopian Left as I like to call them and their Globalist allies seem to want a civil war. This is no surprise since Utopianisms most receptive recruits according to Levin are, “the disenchanted, disaffected, dissatisfied and maladjusted who are unwilling or unable to assume responsibility for their own real or perceive conditions but instead blame their surroundings, ‘the system’ and others.   They are lured by false hopes and promises of utopian transformation and the criticisms of existing society, to which their connection is tentative or non-existent.”

It would be a travesty if the greatest country in the history of the world were to disintegrate due to a very small population of anti-Americanism that would have George Washington and Ronald Reagan rolling over in their graves.

Media elites, the main stream media, academia and the deep state to name a few are fermenting violence not seen in decades maybe not since the American Civil War where the USA lost over 500,000 Americans – mostly men.  The Welfare State of mindless Obama and Hillary drones are the army being trained to bring us to civil war and we must guard against it and fight it with all the we have.  As Patrick Henry said so eloquently, “I know not what course others will take, but for me give me liberty or give me death.

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